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. >> jim: following sunday's game against the angels next weekend, you can join nick markakis and his wife for the fun run walk. the race walk begins at 6:00 p.m. and includes prizes, family fun activities, appearance by nick and morality first 500 people receive an under armor t-shirt. call (410)308-1870. back home, amber will visit with christina markakis to get the insight on the annual 5k and fun run. mark viviano will be part of that event as well so you can stop by and meet mark. nick and christina giving back to the community that they now call home. here is matt wieters leading off against holiday and he takes high. wieters has hit the ball hard twice in this ballgame and he is 0-for-2. he hit a one-hopper to aaron hill that turned into a 4-6-3 double play and in his second at-bat, he hit it hard but the jays were shading him that way. >> buck: you talked about the batting average improving. it is only a matter of time before we see the power. you have to remember where these guys are and oftentimes, you forget because there is so much promise in the pitchers and even
. brian roberts in the leadoff spot. pie, reimold, markakis with scott in left field. matt wieters will catch. melvin mora, michael aubrey, four-game hitting streak he's hit in each of the at-bat and cesar izturis shortstop. armando gabino, fastball, slider, changeup. he has made the transition this year from a reliever to a start. you can see he's work out of the stretch. that reflects his bullpenbackand he's the 14th triple-a player from the rochester red wings to play for the twins this year. >> jim: 25-year-old out of the dominican republic and roberts takes down and in, 1-0. brian brings a two-game hitting streak into tonight's game. batting average overall now at .294. he drove in the orioles only run last night with yet another double and he takes high, ball two. >> buck: armando gabino's record from triple-a. last two starts 2,-0 with an e.r.a. under 2.00. he happened to be the hottest pitcher down there so he gets the spot. they've taken a beating in their starting rotation with injuries. >> jim: there's a strike taken by roberts, 2-1. brian has four hits in his two-game h
in doubles. >> gary: followed by lend and markakis so the top three doubles hitters are in this game. >> buck: to me a double is even more of a pressure hit than a home run on a pitcher. auto home run goes out of the ballpark. the pitcher winds up. no big deal. the doubles keep the pressure on. he's got to look at that guy in scoring position behind him. >> gary: and brian is on. there is the first base runner for the orioles, a lead-off walk. 43 walks in 111 innings for ricky romero. >> buck: it is really interesting to hear your comments and i think a lot of it has to do about his delivery and he doesn't walk many and his pitch count stays reasonably in order. >> gary: he is impressive. the left-handers ironically, have hit him hard. >> buck: i'll give you the reason for that after this pitch. >> gary: jones up and will take it for a strike. >> buck: for some reason pitchers are reluctant to throw the changeup to left-handed batters. if you're a lefty, you don't throw it to left-handers, and i could never understand that. they feel it runs back into their power zone. but the sequence of pit
. >> of course the orioles were down 4-0 in this game. they tied it at 6. they tied at 8. nick markakis on a day that he is going to have a run and a walk over. the two run homer number 14 do right field to tie the game up at 6. >> nick markakis had another very good day again and he got the orioles back in track with that homerun right there his 14th of the year. the orioles battled. all of a sudden things got out of control again for jeremy guthrie he gives up that seventh run. another tough day for jeremy. >> orioles in the mining adam jones deep enough to score brian roberts with a double. game tied at 8. >> and here's the base hit that did it in for the orioles right now. bases loaded nobody out. hunter base hit up the middle. game of inches i mean just off the glove of brian bass and that is what really starts the down fall right therech the angels go on to score nine runs in the top of the 13th inning and that was more than the orioles could overcome. >> they actually scored more ones runs in the 13th than they did for the entire game. 23 base lights for the angels. bass takes the always.
number. last inning a runner at third, got markakis to strike out or the orioles add another run. the back end of bullpen good for angels. the middle can be soft with the exception of palmer. >> gary: pie will foul that away. lackey on the road this year has gone 3-1. he's 4-4 at home. his e.r.a. on the road almost the same. .393 to the road. .383 at home. not much difference. you see the number of pitches he's thrown career high, in the last outing up to 97 in this one. mora on second. 1-2, pie will take on it the inside corner that's that. lackey getting his fifth strikeout. no runs, one hit no errors and a base runner left. on 5-1 angels.   >> jim: guererro with a wal with the bases loaded. rivera with a single up. getting one run, 2 runs instead of one. 3-0. quinlan with another base hit. strong throw. couldn't get the play at home, and cla meredith with the bases loaded and strike us out river e -- rivera. >> meredith will work in the 7th inning as kendrick, quinlan and matthews are due up. kendrick, 2 single, rbi and ground ball out. howie kin dreck i
streak in the american league. joe mauer also on that list. markakis had a 38-gamer earlier this year. ball one outside. >> jim: michael aubrey heading to third. there will be no throw to the plate, and on on rbi double by brian roberts, the orioles have a 1-0 lead! >> buck: jim had mentioned earlier the importance and significance of five runs, what a good ball club this is. when they score five runs or more. and certainly against scott baker, you're off to an encouraging start. baseballer has been awfully tough in the first three innings, and then after 4, he's had a tough time keeping the 0 opponent from scoring. >> jim: izturis too late on the swing. >> baker checks reporters, not likely to go with two counsel. cuddyer has a play moving over towards the line, and he has it for the out, but the orioles get a run.  our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our
in ice. dave trembley pointed out that brian rob experts nick markakis are his warriors this year. >> jim: there's brian on deck. let's get a look at the southwest airlines starting line-up force the finale of this three-game series.    >>> now a i time blackburn. fastball, curveball, slider and change-up. 0-4 is this record in the second half. and he's having a lot of trouble with left-handed hitters. they've been on him, hitting well over .300. he'll have to make and i a justment if he hopes to contribute to this pennant race here in minnesota. they need to have starting pitching consistency if they're going to get back in it. he's got to improve upon that. >> the orioles to have certain left-handed swingers in their line-up tonight. the only available bat from the left side on the ben such matt wieters, a switch hitter, and robbers fouls it back, and we're under way. >> jim: blackburn, his best secondary pitch is his curveball. got that over fairly consistently in the latter stages of his last start. >> jim: buck mentioned the long winless drought for blackbu
, and joylynn smith, 17 and he has it for the out. nick markakis. really played well of late. only one roar in error in the last six game the. nick markakis is he could in the american league. and melvin mora has been playing well all year long defensively at 3rd base. >> buck: so matusz gets the first two outs trying to get through the difficult first inning. and here is asdrubal cabrera, who fouls it straight back.   strike 3. retire it is side 3-up, 3-down. indians can't score. going to the bottom of the 1st. and here come the birds! of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free. grab your bag. it's on! ( ding )  >> jim: back here at oriole park. 3-up and 3-down. scouting report, brian matusz, trying to figure out where he is best suited, in the bullpen or starter. >> buck: he used the change up very well in the last start. >> jim: and there is matt laporta, who reached up for th
for the saturday night affair. let's look at the starting lineup for the o's. robert, jones, markakis, nick markakis 34 consecutive games on base. >> jim: the scouting report right here. the right-hander out of abileen lives in newport beach. lackey not lacking. won 4 or 5 of the last 7. only a couple losses against texas. beat the orioles on the second. lifetime again the orioles 7 and 3. 3 runs or less 7 out of last 8 starts. >> roberts leads it off. he will take it low. brian part of the tremendous attack last night with the 16 runs on 19 hits. brian ended up with a 4-game hitting streak extended on a night he had 4 hits including 3 doubles in the ball game. it was an offensive affair for virtually both teams. the orioles winning it. both teams put of offensive numbers last night. 1-1 shall that ball will be fouled straight back and the count is a ball and 2 strikes on roberts. brian 7 hits and 28 at-bats lifetime against lackey and a solid home number over the last 5 home games. an amazing 545. the delivery on the way and he snuck that by him. lackey gets the strikeout. >> jim: look at
is down, and to make it worst era has gone up. markakis, roberts, they have kicked off the first half of the month of august with pretty good numbers. jim these are the days when you may be dragging and banged up and you have to get it done. >> unless are you in contention and the angels are and that's why they have been playing so well. we forget the outs by different players. the orioles have to score. they have scored three, seven out of the last eight. 14 out of 26. if they go back to early april and maybe the early parts of may they have a chance to win. to me it's all about the starting pitching. tillman has a great challenge tonight and he has the kind of stuff. if anybody will do it he is the young pitcher that told one of those once in a lifetime chances, you have a chance to pitch against the second best offensive team that's been on a roll. they will test you home run wise. only tampa with more steals. it's a great test for him and it's pretty much what the last two seasons are act. >> it's not just stealing bases, it's the first, third, fast ball, wild, a chance to gain
to home plate but no way that wieters can make the tag. >> here's the orioles run. >> markakis continues to swing the bat well. 2 hits to game and doubles to right center field and scores the orioles only run of the game. >> the 9th inning the orioles got the first 2 on, on a single and walk. fundes is closer coming on. the orioles were trying to make it back-to-back wins have won consecutive games back to back wins only once since the all- star break. 8 and 20 since the break. in 28 games since the all-star break the orioles put wins together back-to-back only once. lackey gets the win. matusz the loss and fuentes the save. let's head back to the broadcast booth. jim, when you look at the pitching matchup you saw the difference that the experience can do, because john lackey was able to navigate through jams and there was one bad inning but enough damage was done. >> it was. the one thing, a lot of times if you have a bad inning and pitching again someone with 98, 99 lifetime win, thats the difference between winning and losing. the only thing that concerned me he sped up too much as th
caught trying to steal, that ends the orioles first inning. markakis will lead off in the second. birds don't score. twins coming up in the bottom of the 1st. across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at ah, that hits the spot. it's drinkability. it means bud light is good where ever you are. if you're at a party. or, playing golf. like those guys. or, in a bar. [ old timey western bar music ] draw another door. don't say draw. never filling, always refreshing. bud light. the difference is drinkability. seven aces.  . >> buck: chris till map try willing to get into the flo things in the big leagues. when you think about it, he's given up 17 runs so far in this major league career. spann was 12 out of 30 on the trip. >> buck: the pnc scouting report. fastball, curveball, change. he's got to get into that game early. we talked about that. 9 of the 32 hits
. >> buck: it sure has, gary. markakis, and adam dunn is still dealing with the back issue. mora and izturis have been great in the last week or sot. mat wieters is behundred the plate. >> and with that, after the rain delay, we are yesterday r ready to go. grady sizemore led it off with a home run in the ballgame last night. sizemore against berken, and he will take the pitch for a strike. sizemore with the big bat in the lead-off spot. always the threat, the 18 home runs, 62 rbi's, the threat to put one out, especially northwesterly the ballgame where he'll sit on the fastball where the pitch ser getting ready to break into the game. >> he has become a pretty good power hitter. his average is off this year. he has been dealing with an elbow problem all year long. it has really robbed him of that free freedom to swing. the second half it has been a little bit better for him. >> sizemore with a one ball, one strike count. berken's delivery will be fouled away and he is 1-2. >> we're going to watch all night long as berken gets ahead just to see how they try to resolve the at-bats. often time
got on and markakis brought him home with an r.b.i. double. 281. he will 1257d in -- stand in with the bases empty. orioles with the outburst with the 13 hits up there. they're hitting .295 at home and .246 on the road. they have the largest differential in the lead between home and about thing average. and crowley would like to take that on the road when they go. but they use it here at home. here is the delivery. and fastball. >> buck: that batting average is a result and contributor to the fact they won 22 on the road. 22 and 44 on the road this year. >> gary: trying to get back to 500 at home. they're under that right now. there is the 1-1 delivery. a 1 ball, two strike count. >> buck: we haven't seen jones really react to anything that he is having trouble with his back. he started the second batter. he a base hit against the wall. and i don't see anything on the back. >> gary: 1 ball, two strike delivery. inside out again. >> buck: and down by 2. in the 8th inning. and another good night. double and a first. 2 for 3 r.b.i. >>
in this game brian roberts, nick markakis, and luke scott a solo shot. wigging tonight on deck here in the tenth. inside, looked like an off speed pitch. >> that is the book on luke scott. a fast ball. pretty good slider. hard thrower. when you mess with a breaking ball, you have a fast ball here. he gets it and he takes it. arredondo has allowed only two home runs in his 28 appearances for the angels. you could see pretty good fast ball right there at 95. good movement. in the splitter. bounces all the way back to the screen. jose arredondo out of the dominican republic. he is 25 years old. he had a heck of a year last year. caught the ep of the bat. erick aybar. he has it for the out. luke scott retired. one away. >> the last orioles pitcher to win ten games was orioles wired a wire that year and arthur was very effective in that middle relief role. he had the same none of wins as the number five starter scott. he couldn't pitch in back to back games but he could give you two innings. there is a curve ball and it is a good one. you know what the scouting report is on wiggington tr
-16789 so, he has seen him on the year. the orioles and red sox play quite a bit, as markakis take as strike. 0-1 on markakis. and behind jones. and he gets back. one of the things about masterson, he is allowed 13 steals on the year. caught only 4 on the mound. the orioles look at that and say, look, if you can get a pretty good jump, let's go. >> buck: has a pretty good move against adam jones early on. >>> jones there again, picked it up, shortstop cabrera calling. so, markakis retired. 0-2. 2 down in the 3rd inning . nolan reimold will bat now. orioles have three-runs in, one on a error, two on a home run by pie, and here is reimold. no one has hits in 14 of the last 16 games, and again, chases masterson back to first. and masterson now put slowing down his pace to try to upset the timing of jones, it looks like, at 1st. >> buck: he virginia it from time to time. a lot quicker at 1st base than numbers might suggest. i think he gets into a little bit of a rut, and that is when base runners can really have their way with masterson. >> jim: big lead for adam jones off 1st base, and a foul b
: he now has 1 it 3 base hits. markakis pulls a base hit in right field. so back-to-back singles and the orioles can get the tying run to the plate. markakis now has three-game hitting streak and he has hits now in 19 of the 23 games since the all-star break. 2 on and 1 out. >> buck: that's a good approach for left handed hitters like aubrey huff as markakis jumped on the first pitch. halladay oftentimes will throw the first pitch cutter in on your hands but markakis has the barrel on the ball and drilled it into right field. >> jim: here is aubrey huff. what the orioles need to avoid here is a ground ball into double play. they already hit three of them. there is a chopper back to the mound. halladay goes to second, one r one, back to first, off the bag. the throw pulled millar. they would have had huff but the inning will continue. >> buck: good slide by mick markakis as halladay made a wide throw to the bag at second. markakis was all over the shortstop. a little tapper back to the mound. halladay throws it to the shortstop and markakis just with the hard slide eliminate a cha
there is an opportunity for orioles fans to not only interact with nick markakis but to help out charities while they do it. both are holding charity events after the game. brian roberts is holding his brian roberts baseball bat. kids will buy tickets, come into the zone, play games, have fun, have a chance to hang out with nod not only brian but other orioles as well and the proceeds with that event will go to the university of maryland children's hospital. brian has been giving to that hospital for many years now and now nick markakis, he and his wife, christina, have started the right side foundation. this is their first big event. tonight they will be holding over at patterson's market in canton a run and walk. that event is open to the public right now so people can register. we'll tell you how to do that in just a moment. but first, hear from both of these guys. >> it is such an amazing night. but for us, it is really the times that we get to go to the hospital and be can the wides. -- with the kids and be around those you really affect are the best times for us. i have been in the hospital, i hav
crazy. but competition. 2-1 on the way and that's a base hit to right field. markakis, rivera will be held. nick getting it into huff. but, we have had a homer, double and single surrounded by a ground ball out in the inning. >> great extension but we talked about the change up. if you throw to many and don't make good pitches and that is what will happen. that's a nice wind up. rick will come out and is he throwing 93 to 96 and now suddenly they are hitting curve balls, i just count the home run because you have yourself a -- a situation where you don't want to walk him and that happened on a fast ball. other than that i'm sure rick is saying you have throwing better than you think. your fast ball you can make more mistakes than with change ups and curve balls to the second best offensive team. >> there you go. rick talked about this in the opening tonight. with two outs, one out the numbers are good which is the case here. that last number could be random. matt albers will get loose. you want to win your first game. > his 4th major league start. runners and here is aybar.
about a budding star in right field, nick markakis, making a couple of defensive plays and swinging the bat real well. talk about the way nick markakis continues to grow each and every day. >> he is consistent and consistent in all areas of the game. he kind of go unnoticed if you don't have the privilege to watch him day in and day out because he just goes about his business. you know, as a big leaguer, he has to be one the best, you know, right fielders in the game. he is the total package and a very good player. >> jim: dave, we appreciate the visit, thanks for the visit. >> you're welcome. >> jim: talking about brian matusz getting his feet wet, you have to have adversity. he needs to find some way to compare this to. you don't want them to go through this, but that's necessary. orioles now set to go home opening a home stand. >> tom: thanks to jim hunter and buck martinez. when you look at the performance of brian matusz, he was short two winnings. what happened? into she was very wrong place at the wrong time. you heard buck martinez refer to it. he was up in the strike zone.
. then 6-4 nick markakis ties it up 6-6. then howie kendrick is driven in with two outs. guthrie now for what some the angels 67 times. two run home runs. luke scott having a great afternoon. mark hendrickson. guthrie on the bench. seven earned runs. the two men on the base are his responsibility. they try to get abreu here to end it. hendrickson fits well as a leader. gotten the game last night and pitched an inning. he worked the eighth inning, aloud a one out single and then got out of it. abreu hitting close to .300. he is at .197. >> double steal, to third two in scoring position with two down. >> jim: well they take what you give them. if you are mike scioscia, you have great speed. again it is one thing to talk about stealing bases. the other thing to execute it. and they do it. perfect throw, by chad moellerer. just not in time. big jump on mark helped dribbing son. it is 0-2 on abreu. so the angels score in four of their six at bats against guthrie. >> jim: the inning ends. good job by hendrickson. the angels get the lead back. 7-6 los angeles. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)  >> ambe
. chili's --  >> buck: last night's game, gave up just a hit. single to markakis. he is on here, trying to keep it a 4-run game. >> jim: orioles bouncing back after orioles got to cleveland at the top of the 1st and they give it right back. so pie showing a little respect to wedge. he is hot, comes up.   >> buck: a two run home run into the bullpen in left center. 7th of the season. came against masterson, part of a 4-run inning. >> jim: and pie has been hitting the ball hard. getting a chance to play a little more. taking advantage of it. run, swing and a line drive to left. has it for the out. and the inning ends. we will head to the 7th in camden yard. the orioles have the 5-1 lead! what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.  >> jim: 5-1 game. we
. their offense has been almost, they have plenty of time. the way that nick markakis is swinging a bad. and everybody can contribute now they have gone to smith. and they will have an opportunity. it has been better a nice job for him clothing up games. >> gary: there is the bullpen. perez is working an inning and a 3rd. and they are playing in a steady light rain. >> gary: not light out there. [ laughter ] >> gary: 4-10-0-2, 2-7-0. and melvin popped out struck out. three hits in the series 3-10 so far. fans are hanging on. [ laughter ] >> gary: oh my gosh. >> buck: not often you stand in the rain ad play in the rain. manically at 11:00 at night. >> gary: a slider by a joe smith. >> buck: he came over from the mets and pitched the last two. and out of the bullpen. he had gone from mets to seattle. and. >> gary: the delivery and inside out the center. sizemore there and another game tomorrow and a string of games, they will not want to overuse this bullpen. we'll get to see a new pitcher each inning working up to the closer. 1 down. bases empty. wigginton getting the start at 1st. wante
green and didn't realize your skin was green. that's a base hit. markakis, quinlan on. >> jim: he's running around the field and they had to take him to the hospital. >> gary: nothing like covering every pour in your, pour in your body. he said he was something. >> 2 down. joanne gel a -- joe angel a big golfer. the only guy he played with who drove 2 par course. >> line drive. >> gary: here's gary mathews. has to work his way around this one. 9 hits on the board. runners at first and second. there's two down. matthews applied out and grounded out -- flied out and grounded out. hitting in the number 8 spot. matusz with a chance to get out of this inning without further damage even they there's been 3 hits in the inning. and in the dirt, and a 1-1 count. gary matthews junior will come out of lineup tomorrow. torii hunter will be back. he's on the way, probably here at the ballpark now. supposed to get in around 4 or 5:00 around the west coast. he will play tomorrow. >> jim: he's done a nice job. there's torii hunter. he's here. a groin problem has kept him out of lineup. guererro w
. roberts, jones and markakis, with huff at first base. reimold back to the number 5 spot, melvin mora at third. he's coming on. chad moeller and cesar izturis, but this today is all about nick markakis, doubled last night, but he's slowly beginning to get on one of those hot nick markakis streaks. >> well, he is in the middle of a hot nick markakis streak. .323 since the all-star break, nine doubles, five home runs and 21 rbi's is hot for me. he didn't get that hit his first time up. he usually gets three or four when he does, but nick markakis is being what nick is, we, very consistent. when he is not swinging at the ball out of the strike zone, he is definitely one of the best hitters in all of baseball. if you leave it hanging up there for him. not what you'd call your basic home run hitter, but he will hurt you going the other way quite a few times. >> the orioles tonight looking to bounce back after dropping last night's opener 9-1. we'll look back at last night's outing and the performance by jeremy guthrie who lost his fourth consecutive start. ♪ @@00 ♪ tell m
. michael aubrey who has a three rbi night. nick markakis who had a good night but played so far. another multihit game. or brian matusz who didn't have his best stuff left with the lead and kept his team in the game. text your vote now. have your voice heard a, b or c to 51862. strike one to orlando cabrera who backed out to get a look at that fastball. cabrera drove in a run with the bases-loaded walk in the six ts inning. whack to the -- back to the screen. a little low. ball two. 2-1 the count. bounced toward the hole. izturis, long throw across. out at first base. what a play by izturis! cabrera is gunned down from as deep in the hole as you're going to get. what a play by izturis. quick throw gets it across and in an eyelash gets the call at first.   >> jim: orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. hope your next trip at -- book your next trip at get some cotton candy while you're at it. what a play by cesar izturis, but did he get him? let's take a look. there's the freeze. >> buck: look at the ball just outside of
to t yard, everybody. nick markakis and brian roberts have combined the season for 82 doubles. they are on pace to hit 116 and if they reach that mark they will tie a major record for the most doubles hit in a teammate. a long standing record there that brian roberts and nick markakis could soon break. jim in. >> jim: we know speaker owned palmer. george burns not only could he hit doubles, he was a funny guy. lived to be 100 imjim i wonder if graci was a big baseball fan? >> jim: you are low asking high fast ball, couldn't get your speaker out? >> jim: apparently not. couldn't get burns out, either. >> jim: very impressive. scott against sean o'sullivan in the second. number three draft choice. >> jim: he was rated coming into this season by baseball america as the fifth best prospect in the angels's organization. the projection was he would spend the entire season in the double a. he is over but runs out of room. he has pitched in only 82 minor league games, including his time in the minors this year. he has 37 minor league wins. this year he has seven starts here in the big
's the guaranteed answer. but he's already there, so now with the left-hander markakis up, pennington the shortstop will try and hold the runner. nick over the 300 mark. a five game hit streak now for markakis. markakis takes it for a strike. orioles with three runs in. that's not been enough for them of late. they've had three or fewer runs in a ballgame 12 times since the all-star break and have lost all of them. that will be popped up in the infield. kennedy is there. >> jim: brian roberts is going to be doubled off second. he thought there were two down. oh, my. roberts had already gotten to the plate on the pop-up. it ends up being a double play. watch roberts at second. >> jim: everybody knows except him. and usually you check with third, right here, they're all pointing. you can see cahill, he wants to get out of the inning. brian disappointed. he gets out of the inning because of the base running. taste like? a miller lite. (announcer on call) ...he throws it across the field. he's got something! 30...40...50...he's got it! 40! he's got it! 20...10...he's got it! 5!...endzone! touch down! t
. >>> another oriole had to miss his fundraiser, because that game went so long. nick markakis, may have been stranded at camden yards, but his wife took care of things at the inaugural walk and run at patterson park. >> it's a great day. about 600 people we've got here, it just shows the support the city of baltimore has, and the county of baltimore for the right sized foundation, and what our cause is. >> nick and christina markakis launched the fameddation last year -- the foundation foundation last year to improve the lives of needy kids. >>> another check on the forecast, coming up next. ♪ [ music ] >>> okay, we're dumping out of that early. it was an all out shout out for husbands at the illinois state fair today. this was the annual husband calling contest. you just heard the winner. she's won it five times. kelly and her husband have been married for 29 years. will they make it to 30? >> ugh. depends on how many times she makes that noise, i think. >> maybe she'll retire after winning again. >>> let's take a look at our seven-day forecast. this might make you scream if you don't lik
5-k run and one mile fun walk. it was by the right side organization, founded by nick markakis and his wife. the right side foundation's mission is to help improve the lives of distressed children throughout the state. and orioles second baseman brian roberts held his third annual brian's baseball bash at espn zone tonight. the event benefits the university of maryland hospital for children. >> i had open heart surgery when i was five, so i understand kind of what the families and kipped are going through and their experience. and if we can raise money and improve care at the hospital and give these families a better stay, that is important. >> roberts and other orioles greeted fans and greet thed fans. the team contributed $10,000 to the event. >> a crash at an air show leaves one pilot dead and others injured. more pictures next. dozens of people killed after a fire ripped through a wedding tent. >> it is beginning to shape up now. probably not cool enough to sleep with the windows open, but right now we have temperatures in the low 80's. 82 in the harbor, 77 at the airport.
, jones and markakis. luke scott, big-time numbers, as big as they can be against roy halladay. six hits in his career. halladay is ready to go and pie swings and misses. >> buck: he keeps it same, sinker, cutter, spli. he is really tough on the orioles. he has 19 career wins against the orioles. >> jim: pie takes low. roy halladay now 32 years old, his 121st big league season and there are the numbers on the year. it's kind of amazing the way his year has gone as pie fouls it straight down. 11-5, very credible, 2.75 e.r.a. that's third best in the league but, buck, he has only won one game in his last eight starts as you look at pie fouling the ball off his foot. >> buck: there is another one of those cut fastballs. halladay has been a little bit of a struggle for him of late. he has the distraction of all the trade rumor, the speculation that the blue jays were going to move you. it kind of wears on you for a while. and pie is gone, weak swing and one away here in the 1st. >> buck: jays committed just 42 errors all year long, that's the fewest in the american league. jose batista, form
against the detroit tigers going 3-10. nick markakis, he has hit in eight of the last nine at a .394 clip. of course we go back to pitching and brian mat advertise who made his debut against the detroit tigers, a lot of promise with the family on hand to watch him pitch. some of the highlights from the road trip so far. >> and you can see there are a lot of parts in place now. they're going to have to continue to grow. all of those young players that are doing so well will grow. you have to complement them with couple of key pieces. i still think one thing on andy macphail's mind is a punch to be the lead dog with all of these young starting pitchers. >> we have a new back-up catcher tonight. gregg zaun is gone. the start is going to be delayed while toronto goes through these me-game activities. when we come back, buck had a chance to talk with the youngster, brian mat advertise. you'll hear the interview in just a moment! @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)@ >> orioles baseball on masn is without to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by honda, the 2009 honda clear answer.
. a big out ruered, nick markakis. >> buck: it sure was. no telling what happens in this inning if this ball falls. great concentration. we have seen reimold and markakis make outstanding dyeing catches here late in this ballgame. fretty good commitment. easy to take things for granted, but he didn't allow that ball to fall. it was hit for kam mickolio. >> gary: rbi, shoppach. peralta stays at second. one down. and a strike taken. luis valbuena. he double and scored. peralta with an rbi. shoppach has now driven in one. his third home run in the sixth inning was a solo shot. the four runs for the indians. one ball, one strike delivery. three balls and the inning, andino showing up for the first time with the o's. he just comes in and stand force a couple of innings, but he has to make some plays early on. >> gary: foul territory at third and the ball would still find you. two down. orioles one out here away from the win leading 13-4. laporta. is-4. the runner at second base. two down. brian roberts an rbi. three rbi's. markakis with three rbi's homer. wieters, first four rbi game
annual 5-k rin this weekend. the event was sponsored by nick markakis, his wife and heir foundation. they fowbledded that organization to help improve the lives of distressed children across the state. >> and orioles' second baseman brian roberts held his baseball bash last night. the event benefits the hospital center for children. >> i had open-heart surgery when i was 5. so i understand kind of what the families and the kids are going through in the hospital and their experience. if we can raise money and improve the hospital or give these kids and their families a better stay, it's very important. >> members of the orioles greeted fans and signed autographs. the team contributed $10,000. very nice. and a positive message and a backpack full of supplies is how rudy a good is sending students back to school. he hosted his own party saturday night. the maryland native and now memphis grizzly star encouraged children to get a healthy start back to school. the students had a chance to win special prizes. >> good morning. keith mills with sports. brian roberts, nick markakis involved
, big day, home run number 10. cuts the lead. nick markakis off sean o'sullivan in the fifth. home run 14 for nick. it's a brand new game. it was 7-6 in the seventh. we've been watching adam jones do this all summer. takes a home run away from mike napoli. we've compared him to some of the great center fielders the orioles have had. that's a big-time play. in the ninth, jones nearly wins the game with his bat. brian roberts' third. juan rivera hauls it in. roberts ties the game. the orioles lose in extra innings not by a run, two, three or four, by nine. the angels dodged the bullet a couple of times. they get nine runs. that's not easy to do, by the way. >> watched the prince george's championship and you're thinking tiger's getting ready to make his move. never made his move. but it's good for golf. >> it's great for golf. >> something different for a change. >> first asian to ever win a major. >> that was cool. >> thank you. here's a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> how the governor plans to reduce the budget shortfall and what the lieutenant governor has to say abou
loss and those defeats are piling up in the second half of the oriole he season. nick markakis remains a bright spot. drives in three more runs against the angels. a shot to right center. home run off ervin santana. a night of home runs, a total of sir, four by los angeles two, by vlad guerrero. this is the second. 8-5 l.a., o's lose three of four in the series. the birds' next nine games are on the road. that starts tomorrow against tampa bay. before the game the o's traded aubrey huff to the detroit tigers in exchange for a pitching prospect. he was voted the team's most valuable player last year. he joins a tiger team that's in first place in the central division. >>> i was in westminster with the ravens this morning for the start of their final week of training camp. full contact practice with temperatures in the 90s but in talking to the players, especially those from the south, these warm weather workouts not as bad as they seem. >> not really. i've been in louisiana off- season. i'm used had had to 100-degree weather. the last two days have been really hot but i'm used to the. >
fireworks delivering a home run. -- nick markakis provided some extra fireworks delivering a home run. the orioles win with the obligatory shaving cream and piatt in the face. brain matusz doesn't for the orioles and gets a win. -- does it for the orioles and get a win. >> learning water survival skills. tonight, our reporter expose as the controversy over this issue. >> the video can be difficult to watch. she is only nine months old, but her mother believes she is learning a lesson that can save her life if she accidentally fallston the water. >> this is a precaution. if something happens, she will know what to do. >> the class is for children as young as six months old. some doctors do not think it is a good idea. >> from a public health perspective, it is sending the wrong message. >> tonight at 11, are intent to young to learn water survival skills? -- are in deinfants too young to learn water survival skills? >> interesting. coming up in the next step hour on "11 news today" >> details on a redline our next. >> details on why this afternoon maybe rainy coming up. >> another prob
for the rookie. top of the sixth. birds pad the. that one is long gone. two-run shot for markakis. third of the year. o's win, to give maddis a win in the major league debut. >> back in baltimore, ravens have lost a piece of the offensive line. adam terry second round pick in 2005 that started seven games last season is probably gone for the season. the big offensive tackle underwent arthroscopic surgery in the off season. not participated in camp so far. and expected to be placed on injured reserve. supposed to compete with michael orr but slow to heal. and john harbaugh admits his recovery is going slowly. >> yeah, adam is with us, but it looks right now that adam's knee, he has new issues with the knee. healing from a healing perspective. so he will have to undergo more procedures to get the thing right. so out for the year. >> ravens play the first preseason game thursday night against the redskins next considering what you get... that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. . >> hot, humid and very muggy out there. chief meteor
excited? -- have you ever seen a fan that so excited markakis strikes out with the tying run on third. >>> turner field, bases loaded for chipper jones. tony quinn jr., shot out of a cannon. marvelous catch. -- tony gwynn jr. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. >>> liv superppdo ler 7 radar, showe anddo thunderstorms nto inue te annorth ued west. we have a break in the morning before afternoon rain. >> we hope clears for the redskins game. "9" is next. good night. change it up a bit... and you're sure to get a reactn. [ motorcycle engine growl ] ♪ don't let erectile dysfunction slow things down. ♪ viva viagra! viagra, america's most prescribed ed treatment, can help you enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. to learn more, cruise on over to ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... it may c
on local news. that draw willing be held october 15th. >>> nick markakis had a busy day after today's game he hosted his very own foundation's inauguration k 5k walk. we were out there hosting all of the things and by the look of it looks like they were running as well. >> a tragedy caught on tape. a pilot practicing in russia plunges to his death. a home explodes in rural pennsylvania killing an celledderly woman and making time for loved ones the first family enjoys some of nature's gifts also. >> tropical storms and recessions the market house has weathered the storms. more on the grand reopening coming up. >> the heat and higher humidity are returning to maryland and tropical storm claudette could factor in. we will let you know what that means when eyewitness news returns. . >>> a crash in russia kills a stunt pilot and sends a jet into nearby homes. it happened when the knights were getting ready for an air show. five on the ground were hurt as the jet hit homes. earlier this year the fleet was grounded after two crashes happened in three days. >>> an elderly woman dead after a ho
in the field. markakis also homered this one. the orioles win 8-2 but the story of the day, matusz, justin berk. >> way back. >>> 6:53. we've been abuzz about the big marlin they caught. 93.5 pounds at the white marlin open in ocean city. the largest white marlin since 1980. great conditions down there. they've had some fog yesterday, big crowds. erupting during the afternoon. then off the beach, 75 degrees, at rehoboth, looks like the early walkers on the boardwalk itself. maybe they should call it the board jog. 75, a little sticky. here in town, sunny to partly cloudy skies. 76. and a bit foggy once you get outside the beltway and in some of the locations north and west. today, steamy, 85 with storms develop. most likely after 2:00, 3:00 and that could go through this evening and into tonight. low 70s. 83 tomorrow. chance of showers, especially near baltimore, south and east rolling through the day. we get drier air in here on friday at 84. we're pushing into the upper 80s saturday and afternoon storms. that's right storms on in through early next week, steamy with temperatures in the lower
, jones markakis, wieters 6th. pie eighth. he raised his batting average 20 points hitting 4 the psych emand -- cycle. >>> earlier today the orioles invited the season ticket holders out early to meet the players and participate in a state of the orioles address with dave trembley. >> in the state of the orioles address fans had a chance the interact with dave trembley and andy. there were questions about minor leaguers like josh bell, shut the orioles be bunting more. they are honest and gave them direct answers and the fans were honest with dave and andy. one question was should we see better decisions and examples from some of the vet land players on the field. >> to be honest with you, that's a lot more difficult than i thought it would be. it's about pride. and it's about doing things right. no one is intentionally trying to mess up. no one is intentionally trying to embarrass the ballclub or embarras the fans. it happens. it's probably happened way too for examplely than all of us would like. but you know for me, leadership is what you do not what you say. i would agree with you,
for one player fwho had his sixth home run. nick markakis has come around. he has 88 rbi's . 13-4 was the final score. this tournament is in new jersey. a long putt on the 18th hole. 11 shots behind the leader. tiger woods is happy. he refused to talk to the media after his round. he shot 72. the as a good shot to win the tournament. have a great day. >> a good day for the movies. audiences go back 40 years in time. we take a look at the box office preview. >> your place looks pretty cool. >> the trip is revisited in the new comedy "taking woodstock." three days of peace and music in 1969. changed pop culture. it is rated r. the latest installment in me " final destination" series. 3-d. his friends are trying to escape certain death at a racetrack. eight catches up to each member of the group. -- fate edges up to each member of the group. nbc news. >> are we going to get some sunshine? , probably not much. we will see that in 25 minutes. -- we will see you back in 25 minutes. minutes. >> it is that time of year. more than a million students in maryland are heading back to school
-3. top 6, 5-3 now. luke scott at the plate. with a 2-out sing toll right. nick markakis who had walked went to second on a wild pitch, scores. scott was nailed out in the rundown. but the o's led 6-3. brian bascom on the 6 gives up 3 runs without recording an ounce. delmon young scores. the twins would eventually tie it at 6. bottom of the 8th, orlando cabrera at the plate. cesar goes deep in the hole. strong throw. they're in the bottom of the 9th right now. this game is tied at 6 apiece. >>> bart scott went from undrafted free agent to the pro bowl with rex ryan as his offensive coordinator with the ravens. it's no shock he's got rex's back. after the loss last night, he said rex, quote, was the head coach of that team last year whether you guys know it or not. i wonder what john harbaugh thinks. rex must have enjoyed coaching the ravens defense much more than facing it. the ravens scored two defensive touchdowns in the win. haloti ngata scored on his fourth int. >> it was great that trevor got that block on mike, and i was able to basically walk. in. >> i don't know what we're going
. markakis would get a single. nobody would be out, but they get a double play and no run. pt very next inning, the first two batters get on. beckett then goes to wieters and double play ball. the red sox go on to win. score was 4-0. >>> earlier in the week it was the super swimsuit that beat michael phelps, but michael said nothing wrong with my suit. after his opponent offered to buy him one of his own so he didn't have any excuses, would michael's suit be fine in the 100 meter butterfly? let's find out. >> we thought michael would be 23.5, he was 23.3, and here he comes. phelps beginning to creep up on the leader. he's got some work left here. five meters left. phelps stretching to the wall. >> he did it. >> yes. unbelievable! a new world record for phelps. >> yes, michael becomes the first swimmer to break the 50 seconds in the 100 meter fly and says it's the man, not the suit. >>> now, speaking of hometown heroes, there may be one in the making. steven bumbry just recently got signed by the iron birds. so i went up to aberdeen to see how he's doing. when you think of hometown boy
's draft. he allowed and run in six hits. nick markakis homered. orioles win 8-2. >>> purple day at the ravens camp in westminster. all members of the team's purple just for women club got a special gift from the team. thursday is rookie's day. and of course the rookies first preseason game is next thursday against the redskins. for all your ravens needs, just head to, and we will be right back. >>> we have a breaking news update on the deadly shooting spree inside a suburban pittsburgh health club. it happened tonight at the l.a. fitness club inside a shopping center in bridgeville. reports from the scene indicate now five people are dead, including the alleged shooter. more than a dozen people are said to have been wounded, some seriously. witnesses say man walked into a latin dance class in the aerobics center, turned off the lights, and started shooting. >> and by the time i realized, i looked over and i could see flashes in the dark. and that's when i realized that someone was actually using a firearm inside of there. >> as always, we'll have more on this
. to the top of the sixth. back come the o's. bases loaded for markakis. grounds it to first. overbay cannot handle it. wieters and i see tur rush come in to score and. top of the eighth. reimold hits a grounder up the middle. bounces off brian lee's glove and goes into right field. huff trucking around third. and he scores. o's up. and later in the 8th. wieters up with a runner on first. he slices it to the gap in left. wigginton husband sells around the bases. struggles without a throw. and they go into second. o's snap the two game slide as they beat the blue jays 7-5. >> now the o's send rookie tillman to the mound tomorrow. looking for the series win. back to you. . >> police officer narrowly avoids being clob board by a giant tire. get this. texas officer was looking out for a driver changing a flat on a bridge. out of nowhere, a 200-pound tire that flu off an 18-wheeler rolled by barely missing sergeant mathew davidson. >> first chance i got when i got off the scene, i pulled my patrol car over and said a prayer for the protection. said a little thank you prayer. >> davidson was stand
came to support markakis and his foundation in the right side foundation at patterson park. he and his wife were the hosts of the event that drew in 500 runners. it was a pleasure to be a part of it. it was one warm run, 3.1 miles and in the head, we all felt it. orioles and angels tonight. >>> thank you, mark, we'll be back. >>> tonight, csi and eyewitness news at 11:00. >> we'll be back at 1:00 season and for bob and mark i'm denise koch, don't go away, we'll have the latest on the battle over >> tonight a race against time and the flu. the government now says we'll have only about a third of the h1n1 vaccines it hopes to have by mid-october. >> i'm magazine yee rodriguez. also tonight, public health insurance. the president still wants it but he's not insisting on it, drawing anger from both supporters -- >> we are -- >> and opponents hurricane season brings rain to florida. but it's really needed in texas. suffering through its worst drought on record. and the most amazing performance at this stadium may be in the broadcast booth. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evenin
year's draft. it was a big night offensively as well for caesar and nick markakis, orioles win 8-2 but brian gives us hope this morning. >>> bad news from ravens training camp. adam terry will be placed on injured reserve. his right knee needs more surgery. he had surgery in the offseason but hasn't taken part in training camp. the coach says terry will probably miss the entire season. no coming up here on "good morning maryland" - >> some parents try to keep towson catholic high school open once again. i'm sherrie johnson. more on a hearing that is coming up. >>> and outside now, 71 degrees. justin berk will be back with the forecast. >>> 5:05. let's look at the trains and buses. good morning, mark. >> good morning. for the commute start, number 44 with a diversion at falls and northern parkway due to a watermain break repair. the number 8 bus running 15 minutes late. the number 21 taking a diversion at pennsylvania and dawson. watermain break there too. the 17 still dwurt diverted at nursery and winterson due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. hearts ha
pounded four home runs. back in the third, here's markakis. gets ahold of it. lines one to left field. adam jones would come around on that one. he would round second speedily. he's going to try to score. watch closely. the throw home, jones going to try it. slides in safely and all of a sudden the game is tied 2-2. top of the seventh. angels up 5-3. vladimir guerreroends a missile to left center field. look at, that ball leaves the ballpark. that one's gone. guerrero with a three-run home run. angels beat the orioles 8-5. >>> so we're out at redskins' park this afternoon. we're interviewing clinton portis and a friend of mine said, oh, my god, look over there and we saw them. the two rookies tided to the goal post. >> i will tell you something, they didn't tie those guys. they used to really wrap them so that you couldn't -- they looked like mummies, you know w. their noses open. >> rookies were lucky. >> really. >> let me take you out to hburn. this is how the day ended for rookie kevin barnes and robert henson. poor guys. tied to a goalpost. and the practicefie field, all day's wor
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